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Title: Ethnobotany of exotic species in Thailand II: Chromolaena odorata (Asteraceae)
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Pages: 17 - 34
Year: 2566
Year No.: 15
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     Chromolaenaodorata (L.) R.M. King & H. Rob., commonly known as Siam weed, is a highly invasive plant species that has spread rapidly throughout tropical and subtropical regions. Despite its ecological impact, C. odorata has significant cultural importance and is widely used in traditional medicine and other social practices. In this study, 70 ethnobotanical references were reviewed to examine the traditional uses of C. odorata in Thailand. A total of 179 use-reports were identified from 17 ethnic groups in Thailand, indicating the diverse use of C. odorata, particularly as a traditional medicine for treatinga variety of ailments. The plant holds significant importance in traditional medicine, with its most common use being for stopping bleeding from wounds, a finding which is consistent with previous research confirming its hemostatic properties. How ever, it is essential to balance the cultural importance of this plant with its ecologica limpact as an invasive species. Further research is necessary to validate its traditional uses while minimizing negative environmental effects.

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